Jiří Grund Jiří Grund


The idea of producing mandalas through Grund originated with an employee, and so all other mandalas are created solely by the employees of the company. The entire process of the creation of a collection of rugs and mats is accompanied by the great joy of creation in this hitherto-unexplored medium, which owes nothing to the trends of interior design. Already, a large number of mandala designs have been--and continue to be--created at Grund. In your hands, you hold a collection, categorised by the system of five elements, which includes, in addition, the section UNIVERSUM, in which individual creators of mandalas formulated their own interpretations of the interrelationships of the five elements. The manner in which the mandala designs were created--intuitively, playfully, and from the need to create--is also the manner in which the final products were chosen and arranged into individual categories - based more on feelings of intuition than on strict rules. We would like you to view these groupings as primarily symbolic and inspirational, with objectivity and an open mind. We wish you endless well-being and joy in life with GRUND mandalas, which are instilled with the enthusiasm and joy of creation of all of those who shared in their conception.Av*** *We wish you ***** Ing. Marcela Krčálová, and the entire GRUND staff.